Cersei Will Die In Season 7 Finale

Jaime will kill Cersei. And it will happen when Cersei does something monstrous that Jaime has to stop, by killing her. But it will be too late. Almost every single scene this season with either Jaime or Cersei has foreshadowed this like crazy. How, you may ask? I’ll explain:

  1. In the first episode of the season, we see Cersei and Jaime standing on a map of Westeros. Cersei stands on a region called “The Neck” while Jaime is standing next to a region called “The Fingers.”
  2. Lady Olenna told Jaime that Cersei will be the end of him. Foreshadowing aside, this scene also proved to Jaime that Tyrion had nothing to do with Joffrey’s death, meaning there’s undoubtedly one less reason to hate the brother Jaime always loved, which Cersei still won’t change her mind about.
  3. After Daenerys used Drogon and the Dothraki to destroy the Lannister army, Jaime speaks to Cersei. He tells her that he threw everything at Daenerys’ army and it did almost nothing to stop her, and she was only using a fraction of her power. Cersei ultimately says, “We fight and we die, or we submit and we die.” Cersei clearly has no intention of backing down, because in her mind, it won’t do her any good. Also, she has wanted power for her entire life, and she’ll hold on to power until her dying breath.
  4. After Cersei tells Jaime that she is pregnant, she hugs him and says, “Never betray me again.”
  5. Cersei was most likely telling the truth about being pregnant. However, the witch who foretold (accurately) that all of her children will die before her, and that she will marry Robert Baratheon instead of Prince Rhaegar, also foretold that Cersei would only have 3 children. This basically proves she won’t have a 4th, meaning she will die before this baby is born. If she’s still alive in the next season, enough time will have passed for her to give birth, which means she won’t make it to the next season alive.

Also, don’t forget that, in the first season, Cersei said, “[Jaime and I] were born together, we’ll die together.”

In the books, the same witch who foretold the death of her children also said the “Valonqar” will choke the life out of her. The word ‘Valonqar’ translates to ‘little brother.’ Cersei has always believed that that ‘little brother’ will be Tyrion, since he is younger and a dwarf. That part of the prophecy wasn’t in the show, but it didn’t need to be. George R.R. Martin has gone out of his way to try to not let his story be that predictable. The show, however, can be predictable at times. Who knows if Jaime will kill Cersei in the books, but it can’t be Tyrion who chokes the life out of Cersei in the show. It has to be Jaime, who is technically younger (being born a few minutes after Cersei), and plus, they have always been lovers. We all know just how poetic it would be for Jaime to be the one.

How will it happen? Well, as we’ve seen from the preview of the Season 7 finale, Daenerys and all of her forces come to King’s Landing for a meeting, to tell Cersei that they must unite against the White Walkers. Don’t forget how Cersei became queen in the first place… She blew up the Great Sept when all of her enemies in the city were gathered inside it. She used the Mad King’s wildfire, which he placed all over the city. Cersei only used a fraction of the entire cache. She could very well use the entire cache. She knows she can’t beat Daenerys, so she’s going to try to take down all of her enemies with her.

Jaime will attempt to stop her by killing her. He killed the Mad King for the same reason all those years ago. Another reason it would be poetic for Jaime to kill Cersei. However, this time, he will be too late. The wildfire will be ignited and all of King’s Landing will be destroyed, but not before Cersei gets choked to death by the one man who was loyal to her most.

Of course, this could all happen in the final season, or it could not happen at all. But I’m more convinced than not that it will happen this season, in the finale. Every season so far has foreshadowed the end of the season, or something in the finale, all the way through.

  • Season 1: A dead direwolf got impaled by a stag’s antler (meaning a Baratheon will kill Ned Stark).
  • Season 2: Tyrion is Hand of the King, and his relationship with Shae is precarious all throughout, but in the finale, Shae says she will remain with Tyrion still, and Tyrion loses his power.
  • Season 3: There were countless reminders of how Walder Frey should never be crossed, and then toward the finale, Walder Frey massacres several Stark characters.
  • Season 4: Tyrion was imprisoned the whole time, and there were many reminders of how great of a warrior Prince Oberyn is. At the end, Prince Oberyn dies fighting the Mountain for Tyrion, and Tyrion is sentenced to death, forcing him to flee King’s Landing.
  • Season 5: Stannis and Davos keep talking to and about Princess Shireen, and how sweet she is, and that she “is Stannis’ daughter.” Then, she is burned alive, by her father.
  • Season 6: Cersei got ignored and undermined all throughout the season, and then in the finale, she kills all of those people at once.

The show has had this trend since the beginning. This season, the constant foreshadowing is Jaime killing Cersei.

Final point. The Season 7 finale has been confirmed to be the longest episode in the series so far. We’ve already seen the Night King and the battle with him for the season, and Dany finally realizing the army of the dead is real. What else could happen in this ONE episode? The entire war with the White Walkers? The beginning of the war against the White Walkers? Well, that would be repetitive. They’re also saving that for all of Season 8. All the good action has already happened… Or has it?

The finale episode is called “The Dragon and the Wolf.” I wonder if that means only the Dragon (Targaryens, which includes Jon Snow) and the Wolf (also Jon Snow, and the Starks in general) will be the only ones who remain. Every episode opens with the title, and the title has 4 sigils on it: Dragon, Wolf, Lion, Stag. The stags (Baratheons) are gone, and now, possibly, the lions will be gone too, after season 7. The Lannister army was destroyed, and Cersei and Jaime are going to die. I hope Tyrion doesn’t die too……..



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