You Cannot Reason With Evil (Liberals vs. The Left)

If you’ve paying any attention to politics within the past few years or so, you will have noticed that there’s been a rise of people called “The Regressive Left”, but they also go by other titles such as, “Social Justice Warriors.” Conservatives have been going to town on these people, but conservatives treat these people like they represent the entire left, when in reality, they don’t realize that the left is currently engaged in a civil war. There are the “Classical Liberals” opposing them, but in my mind, I think there’s no such thing as a classical liberal, there are only true liberals. For the sake of being properly categorized, I apply the label of “Classical Liberal” to myself, even though I disagree with the term.

There are true liberals like Carl Benjamin (who, online, goes by the name Sargon of Akkad), Phil Mason (thunderf00t), Thomas Kirk (TheAmazingAtheist) who are liberals that you could say are leading the charge against the Regressive Left. And recently, Carl Benjamin was at a convention where Anita Sarkeesian spoke on a panel, and she pointed him out directly and called him ‘shithead’ and ‘garbage human’ even though he hadn’t said a word to her there, nor had caused any disturbance of any kind.

The online community has been addressing this incident everywhere. People all over have been pointing out that Anita Sarkeesian, a hardcore feminist, is absolutely no different than the thing she claims to be against. They’re saying she is a bigot, she is intolerant, a hypocrite, and inconsistent with what she says. These are true statements, and I would go further and say, as I’ve always said, that Sarkeesian is also a con-artist who probably doesn’t genuinely believe the things she claims. But hey, she’s getting rich off calling herself a feminist and spewing feminist rhetoric, so what’s the big deal if it’s paying the bills, right?

Well, some of us actually believe in doing what’s right, instead of merely saying popular things. Some of us believe in facts as well. But I’m not here to address how Sarkeesian is a professional liar, nor about how she’s a hypocrite. I’m here to address my fellow ‘classical liberals’ with a simple warning:

You cannot reason with evil.

Making video after video, blog post after blog post, addressing how Anita Sarkeesian is inaccurate in her claims and morally bankrupt in her lifestyle will do nothing. And the same applies to all the other Social Justice Warriors. We are all tired of hearing statements like, “All white people are racist,” and, “All men are sexist,” etc., but no matter how many times you tell these people how they are wrong, they will never listen. They never set out to discuss anything in the first place. In their minds, they are absolutely right and everyone who says otherwise is evil. They don’t understand how evil they are.

Take the wage gap for example. You can point out to these people that it’s illegal in all Western nations to pay someone less simply for being female; you can point out that the wage gap is a broad fact about what the two genders generally make and nothing else, but Social Justice Warriors will ignore you and pretend the wage gap is nothing but sexism at work. They’re wrong, dead-wrong, but trying to educate them is absolutely futile.

They want women to be oppressed, even though in reality women are not oppressed. They want white people, and men, to be the enemy and they will stop at nothing to make these people look like the enemy. They don’t actually care about peace, about right and wrong, about facts, nor about equality. They call themselves “feminists” and they start movements called “Black Lives Matter” but that is only a masquerade to spread their evil ideas. It’s about tribalism and superiority, not virtue.

True liberals need to understand what I’m saying, because it’s wasting precious time, money, and sometimes even lives, when we try to reason with unreasonable people. My side needs to change its approach against this cancer, because the cancer is only continuing to spread. It’s in the mainstream news networks, it’s almost everywhere online, and it’s all over our entertainment too.

Teach them what evil is. Teach them that evil adapts, it evolves, and it seeps into everything. Evil can even seep into good things, like feminism and just liberalism in general. Now, these days, every equal rights movement (especially feminism), that once stood for something benevolent and important, is now just a cover for bigotry. Those movements are now dominated by people who want men to be suppressed, who want white people to be suppressed, conservatives to be suppressed, etc. Liberal movements are no longer liberal. Their names have been besmirched. Bigots have taken over and claimed to be feminists when they’re not, to be pro-LGBT when they’re not…

You kill a growing threat most effectively by preventing it from growing any further. I’m no fan of conservatives, but I’m thankful that the rising generation, Generation Z, is predominantly conservative. Whatever it takes, I’ll accept. Just get this cancer cured. You can’t kill it with attacks, so starve it to death. Don’t give it attention, don’t try to reason with it. All you can do is stop its spread.


2 thoughts on “You Cannot Reason With Evil (Liberals vs. The Left)

  1. Kaian

    Reblogged this on babelbricks and commented:
    Distinctions are important. The regressive left is as unrepresentative of liberals as the alt-right is of conservatives – and keeping each extreme faction at bay can and should be the responsibility of everyone possessed of values and decency, irrespective of political affiliation.



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