Why I’m Involved in Political Discussions

Recently I was reminded of something. There was this friend I had for many years, from my Freshman year in high school until I was 25. So, approximately ten years. This friend was someone I respected tremendously, and in my mind, he was easily one of the smartest people I’d ever met. Or, so it seemed. That all came to a swift end one day when he decided to post something political on his Facebook wall. Something that was astoundingly ignorant and stupid.

I’m sure a lot of people heard of the Kesha vs. Dr. Luke situation, or at minimum, people heard that Kesha was trying to get out of her contract with her producer because he allegedly sexually assaulted, sexually harassed, battered, and emotionally abused Kesha. In February 2016, a judge (who was female, I’d like to emphasize) ruled against Kesha’s accusations, meaning that the singer could not get out of her contract with Dr. Luke.

This friend of mine posted an image, which he did not create, that stated things like this:

“The world cares more about men making money than about a woman and her career.”

“This is saying that women are objects. Sexual, money-making objects with no feelings. This is saying that this man is entitled to her because he invested money in her.”

So, I made the grand mistake of standing on the side of reason. I tried to educate my friend, saying that 1), he wasn’t there, so he doesn’t know for absolute certain that abuse had taken place, and 2), that just because Kesha lost the case, that doesn’t automatically prove that all women are treated as sub-human objects in society. I tried to list examples of how men are actually the ones who get the shorter end of the stick in society. I tried to explain to my friend that jumping to such huge, exaggerated conclusions was foolish. Not only did he not listen to me at all, he also jumped on the bandwagon that his girlfriend started of saying that I’m inconsiderate, heartless, etc.

Talk about a point going right over someone’s head!

To be honest, I do think women are superior to men, and I do think that Kesha was telling the truth with her allegations. Still, I will always, to the best of my ability, stand on the side of reason. Just because I think women are superior, I still don’t believe that they deserve special privileges because of it. Just like I think black people are physically superior to all other races, but I wouldn’t fucking dare try to push for legislation that bans non-blacks from playing sports, or whatever. I’m an actual, true liberal. I believe everyone, regardless of gender, or race, or even religion, should have equal rights. I don’t believe in playing favorites. So if you’re a leftist who says that all white people are racist, I will call you out on that. If you think that you ‘can’t be racist because you’re black’, I will call you out on that too. It’s stupid, it’s false, and it’s detrimental to society. This friend I used to have, he’s always been a sucker for scoring points with females. Honestly, I think deep down, he doesn’t believe the horse shit he posted on his wall, but since his girlfriend is a lunatic feminist, and all of his friends are lunatic feminists (he has virtually no male friends, no exaggeration), he feels he must pander to them, for the sake of scoring points, instead of standing on the side of reason for the sake of, you know, society functioning smoothly.

So anyway, even though I knew I wasn’t in the wrong, I still pandered to my friend and his girlfriend’s feelings, just to avoid hostility. I apologized (multiple times), and I even said “I guess I shot myself in the foot here.” But nothing worked. He still chose to be blindly offended, instead of thinking anything through.

He’s gotten so detached from reality that just one or two weeks after this incident, I saw a 2-star review of my book on Amazon and I asked him if his girlfriend gave that review (because she promised weeks previous that she would give an honest review), and he said in response, “I’m offended you’d even ask that.” Yes, seriously, even asking if someone didn’t like my book is somehow offensive……?

This is how people, as in human beings, think. It’s about feelings, not facts. And this is why I pay attention to, and sometimes discuss, politics. Someone’s heart can be in the right place, like my friend’s heart was in this situation, and yet they can still have harmful viewpoints. When liberals (my side of the political spectrum) say that all men are sexist, all white people are racist, and that they bathe in men’s tears, etc., etc., and the WHOLE of society defends this bigotry, it’s toxic. I hated, absolutely hated, seeing my friend, who I once respected so much, fall victim to this idiocy and lunacy. This day and age, it’s unthinkable to defend men; you are only allowed to defend women. You must say that women are great, and men are shit. You must say things like this, or else you are attacked, whether online or in person. If a female says she was raped by a man, it somehow automatically makes that true. Does anybody out there know that some women use fake tears to get what they want? Or is that fact unthinkable and we should just assume all women are perfect, flawless angels? The Berkeley riots that protested Milo Yiannopoulos are a prime example of this idiocy. Unless you are on the far-left lunatic bandwagon, you are treated as scum.

The left needs a reformation. The left no longer belongs to great thinkers like Stephen Hawking, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, etc. It belongs to these college loudmouths who don’t understand or even care about nuance and just want to yell at everyone and call them racists, sexists, homophobic, misogynistic bigots when they are NOT.

This is why Donald Trump was elected. Or, at least, this is why people voted for him. I voted for Hillary but I can still see why people voted for Trump. Nuance is not allowed anymore in society. The left has gone insane, and therefore, Trump rose to power. Sane people countered the lunatics of the far-left with a lunatic. Fire with fire. People don’t want to be called these names, and lose their jobs, and lose their friends when they are not even guilty of being bigots. Judging by the reaction my friend, his girlfriend, and all their closed-minded friends had, I myself would have assumed that I’m the reincarnation of Hitler. That’s how these people think. Everyone is guilty of crimes they didn’t commit. They attribute things that a tiny, tiny percentage of the population does to virtually ALL of society.

The funny thing is, Milo Yiannopoulos is gay and loves talking about his black boyfriends. And yet, ‘liberals’ keep calling him a homophobic, transphobic, white-supremacist when he isn’t. People like him, namely conservatives, are being banned from social media, banned from college campuses, and sometimes struggle to even find jobs, simply for not giving in to the fantasies that are pushed by the lunatics of the far-left. If you believe in facts, instead of believing in myths (like the existence of ‘rape culture’ and ‘the wage gap’ which even Obama pandered to even though we all know he was smarter than that), then you are deemed sub-human scum by society.

I’m a liberal. I belong to the left. But so many liberals are abandoning ship because the crazies have taken over the asylum. This is why I stood up to my friend’s ignorance concerning why Kesha lost her case. The ONLY point I had tried to make was simply this: you don’t know all the details, so stop assuming that you do.

Again, his heart was certainly in the right place, but in recent years, he’s allowed himself to succumb to the lunacy of the left. He’s now one of the people who don’t believe in facts or nuance, they simply believe in pandering to the overly-sensitive feelings of wimps and morons who blame society for their own shortcomings, even though in reality most of them are rich, spoiled brats whose parents pay for everything.

I don’t want Trump to win another election, so therefore, true liberals need to reclaim the left. I care about freedom, I care about free speech, I care about facts, and I care about nuance. I hate conservatives for the most part, but you will never hear me say that Fox News or Rush Limbaugh or Tomi Lahren must be silenced, or that they are “cisgendered scum”, or any bullshit you hear from the left these days. You can hate something, but it’s wrong to dehumanize people. It’s wrong to blindly follow a crowd of lunatics instead of being concerned with facts, because that shit DOES spread. It HAS spread.


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