‘Remnant’ Will Be Re-released July 19, 2017

In 3 months, on the 2-year anniversary of the release of Remnant, the novel will be released again with a live-action cover art of the main character, and some extra material. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Since Relics, the third volume in the series, will be much bigger than its predecessors, it’ll take longer to write than usual, so now is the best time to do this.

I’ll copy and paste some of Remnant‘s Amazon critiques at the bottom of this article. I’ve listened to my debut novel’s reviews and have heeded their criticisms in the rewrite. I will admit that when the novel was being written the first time, I was in a rather big hurry to finish it. And with ResurrectionI remember rushing it even more because I nearly gave up on it but then after changing my mind, still wanted it released on time. So, Resurrection will also get a re-release in the near future as well.

When Remnant is re-released, the original version, which still bears the name ‘Zak’ instead of Michael, will not be available anymore, so if you want the original version it’s best to get a copy now before it disappears for eternity.

Modeling job offer: I want the main character of the novel, Theia, to be featured on the front cover of the re-release. I have already been negotiating with a local agency to hire one of their models, but I still want to leave the table open to potential better candidates. So, if you live in the Portland, Oregon area and know anyone who fits Theia’s description and would like to earn $300 to pose as her for an hour or less, write me at MichaelClementsAuthor@gmail.com. My wife will be shooting the photos and she’s still going to school to become a professional, so no worries about having Theia’s portrayal be by a non-professional model either. To see an example of my wife’s work, you can visit our new-company website, PhilosophyMedia.org.

Theia’s description:
11 years old, blonde, blue-eyed, healthy, and has a strong-willed, fierce personality. We’re not strictly looking for anyone with this description, but as close to this description is preferable, of course.

I will be releasing each chapter one at a time as a countdown soon, so stay tuned.

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“I like reading and tend to get through a couple of books throughout the month. I found this read to be quite a page turner. There were some sections that kind of dragged on a bit but it felt nessecary as you progress through the book. I perticularly loved that one moment you are rooting for one character then rooting for that same character to fail and vice versa. This read genuainly had me emotionally invested as I found myself rooting for a character I did not expect to be rooting for. I will be following this series a long.” 5 Stars

“This book is clearly the product of hard work and a good imagination. The plot and the characters are interesting, but the writing could benefit from a professional editor – and I’d say the novel is worth the services of a professional editor. I’m not talking about typos or grammar – not a problem here. What I’m referring to is the pacing of the storytelling and the choices about what details to add, delete or rewrite. The story could be much more compelling if told in fewer total words. I found myself simultaneously interested in finding out what happens next and dreading having to plow through a lot of writing to find out. Nonetheless, this is a book worth considering, and I hope the author keeps up the writing – with a good professional colleague to help smooth the path for the reader.” 3 Stars

“First, as someone who reads four or five books a week, I must say this is a good first attempt. The author presents a gritty, violent, vile, alternative timeline for US history where the country has torn itself apart over the results of political ideology and human nature left unchecked. The people of Portland, Oregon (the setting for the story) are caught in a multi-sided civil war and are forced to make hard choices. The only people that seem to thrive in the in the chaos are the criminal scum of society; bad things happen to good people in this book. By the end of the story, all of the main characters are emotional and physically damaged by the worse experiences imaginable.
Read the rest here.
3 Stars



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