Am I A Radical Centrist?

It seems to me that everyone in America is either blatantly right-wing, blatantly left-wing, or pretends to be in the middle while secretly still being far on one side. People who claim to be independent are just hiding their true side, and people who say they’re moderates are spineless members of their side.

Of course, I don’t mean all this literally or completely. But it is about 99% of the people I’ve interacted with in my lifetime and seen in media. I often, especially on this blog, say with pride that I’m liberal, but I still find myself ‘hating’ on other liberals when they’re being stupid/hypocritical/contradictory to liberal principles. Considering how often I feel I have to reiterate that I’m liberal, because I constantly criticize them, I’m starting to actually wonder if I’m not a liberal, or I’m one of the few people who truly understand what ‘liberal’ means. I don’t know.

Both sides annoy me these days. Both sides piss me off. Conservatives are idiots and bigots across the board. Liberals are idiots, and either spineless or violent. ALL the times these days I just want to scream basic common sense at both of these sides. Things like “targeting whites and Trump voters with violence is not liberal!” and “stop antagonizing everyone you hate, which is obviously half the country, conservatives!”

Among hundreds of others things I want to say…..

I genuinely don’t want anything to do with either side anymore. I don’t even know if either side even stands for anything anymore. It seems it’s all just tribalism first, and nuance last. I hate conservatives like Tomi Lahren and Steven Crowder, and I hate liberals who think blacks can’t be racist, and who cause riots after they lose an election.

But I would rather not back down. I’d rather not stop standing up for what I think is moral. So, if I both agree with both sides on their good points, while hating both sides when they make just as many stupid, inaccurate points, I guess I’m neither. I guess I’m a centrist.

We need a centrist party. A major centrist party. Maybe I’ll write a book about an idea I have for that.


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