New Name, New Era

I recently changed my name. Here’s a little explanation of why.

What many people don’t know is that my name was never actually “Zak Clements” at any point in time. That was just a pen name. It was “Zachary”, yes, but with a different surname. In fact, this isn’t the first time my surname has changed, this is simply the first time I’ve changed it. I was born with my father’s surname, and then when I was adopted in 2001, it was changed to my adoptive parent’s name.

Finally, shortly before I turn 26, I changed my name to what I’ve always wanted it to be. I am actually a Clements now, which I have always been by blood. That’s my blood family’s name. And good news for everyone who’s confused: This will never change again, lest the government tells me I need to join the Witness Protection Program.

When I changed my name, though, I had the option of changing my first name as well. I’ve always wanted my first name to be Michael, since 1999 when I was in third grade. There was just something about it that I liked, and I could never really explain it. I came to love the name even more after learning about the Archangel Michael, the head of God’s army of angels. Even after becoming an atheist, I still liked the character, because I’ve always felt my role in this life is not to be a leader, but a servant of sorts. The Archangel Michael is the leader of God’s army, but he is not God himself, which makes him a kind of servant. In my Remnant book series, I based the character of Ethan on myself, and though Ethan is an important member of the mob, he is only an enforcer, and I made this his character because that’s what I’ve always felt my role, in real life, is. (NOT a mob enforcer. A guardian and servant.) That is my place. I am not, and do not seek to be, a leader or boss of any kind, of a company, of a nation, or even of a family. I’ve always simply made it my job to protect and serve those who I am loyal to. Friends and family most of all.

So, Michael is thus a very fitting name. I mean, the name itself implies servitude. “Who is like God?” is what the name means. It is a rhetorical question, because the character of God in the Bible has no equal.

Also, my favorite movie of all time is The Godfather, and the main character in those movies is Michael Corleone, a quiet, intelligent man who tragically lost his soul only trying to protect his family at all costs.

What does this mean for my books? Well, I’ve decided I will keep the name “Zak Clements” attached to the original editions of Remnant and Resurrection. New editions and the remaining 5 sequels will bear my new, permanent name, though. All future books, of course, will bear the name Michael Clements.

Over 6 years ago, I created a YouTube account under the name ThinkingMichael (please subscribe). I suppose this counts as my greatest proof that I’ve always wanted the name Michael. I only made a few videos on that channel back in the day, and deleted them a short time later. But I will soon return to regular video making. And I figured since my YT channel will be called ThinkingMichael, I may as well change the name of my blog to that as well.


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