My Beef With Vegans (Pun Intended)

Feel free to share this article with any loudmouth vegans you know.

I’ve only had the displeasure of personally knowing one vegan in my life, but that was all I needed to see proof that what everyone says about them is totally right. These people are borderline lunatics, and they’re yet another branch of liberals (my people) who force me to side with the enemy – conservatives – because it seems only conservatives see this lifestyle/demographic for what it is.

“Did you know I’m vegan?”
“Look at this amazing vegan meal I just ate!”
“I just bought some vegan shampoo at the store!”

Okay, nobody has ever said that last one, but my point is, these people do nothing all day but try to shove their vegan lifestyle down everyone’s throat, and they’ll even relate things that have nothing to do with food or animals to it. And I’m certain if I were to become one of them, they would still never shut up about it to me.

So, here’s my message to vegans:

First and foremost, being vegan doesn’t even come close to solving the most serious issues facing our world today, so if you’re going to obsess over something, make it about something worthwhile that actually benefits everyone.

Nobody disagrees with you when you keep claiming that meat farming has unethical procedures. We get it. We agree with you. Now, something YOU need to realize is that humans are by far not the only creatures on Earth who do vicious, cruel things to other creatures. At least humans have the decency to kill animals before chopping them up, which is more than I can say for most animals.

Carnivorous species exist. Omnivorous species exist, and we’re one of them. If you feel so sorry for animals that you can’t bring yourself to eat them, then good for you, but it’s unethical to berate and harass people who eat animals because that’s been part of the human diet for tens of thousands of years. Also, as I said, other animals kill animals too. If it breaks your heart so much, then go harass lions, and venus flytraps, and polar bears, and snakes, and ants, and crocodiles, and worms, and flies, and eagles, and hawks, and I could go on and on.

Are certain meats bad for us? Sure. Is too much meat bad for us? Sure, but too much of anything is bad for us. Is it more ethical to make sure animals are dead before being slaughtered? Absolutely. Can we live without meat? Technically yes, although a lot of professionals wouldn’t recommend it.

Guess what, vegans? Starvation is still a serious issue all around the world. Go obsess over the millions and millions of men, women, and children who aren’t sufficiently fed. These people don’t have access to enough plants OR animals to eat. Not to mention, clean water still isn’t available in many places worldwide. Fight to make a difference there, instead of criticizing the average person’s choice of food. At least some of us CAN have a variety of food choices.

I think I’ve made my point, but I’ll gladly write a part 2 if I feel it’s necessary.


One thought on “My Beef With Vegans (Pun Intended)

  1. Shannon

    I wouldn’t consider myself a loudmouth, but actions in my household go a lot further than the words. It is difficult to teach children how to live in a more compassionate world as long as we love some yet eat others. Vegan is the baseline BEHAVIOR, notsomuch what we eat or won’t eat, but rather a renewed awareness of how daily actions in a modern economy create a ripple effect. Our very future is tied to how we treat our environment, and animals (which we are also, by the way) is just a small piece of that pie. Cheers!

    PS – Here in Texas, we call veganism ‘duct tape.’ 😀



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