What Conservatism and Liberalism Truly Mean

I mean this honestly: A lot of people who call themselves ‘conservative’ are actually more liberal, while many who call themselves ‘liberal’ are actually ultra-conservative.

To put it plainly and bluntly, I’ll say this to help make my point: Hating white people (even if you are also Caucasian) and striving to oppress them is a conservative stance. Speaking out against SJW’s (social justice warriors) like feminists, vegans, and Black Lives Matter is actually a liberal stance.

I’ll explain, and I’ll do so using the sheer definitions of these words.

Conservative: “Disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, and to limit change.”

Liberal: “Favorable to progress or reform, as in political or religious affairs.”

I’ve been watching a lot of people who call themselves ‘conservatives’, such as Tomi Lahren, Paul Joseph Watson, and Hunter Avallone. It may surprise many of my readers that I agree with most of the things these people say, because they never encourage bigotry, or destruction, or genocide, or even call for Christianity to take over the world. What these people seem to do, from all I’ve seen, is simply call people out on their nonsense and contradictory behavior. The only truly conservative thing they do is subtle, and that is openly opposing and demeaning people who call themselves liberals. They’re ultra-tribal, and they put tribe above values and truth, and that is all I can see as far as conservative behavior/viewpoints.

On the flipside, I’ve also heard the opinions and read posts from people who identify as liberal. I’ve heard a great deal of bigotry on their part. Bigotry against non-minorities mostly. Just today, in passing, I saw on my Facebook a story about a group of people refusing to help a man whose car fell off the side of the road because his car had a lot of Trump stickers on it.

Look at those definitions of ‘conservative’ and ‘liberal’ above. Think of it as a timeline and how mankind has behaved throughout history. Being conservative, when you think about it, is the desire to remain (socially, politically, etc.) exactly where we currently are on the timeline, or move backwards. Being liberal, however, is wanting to move forward and not remain in the same state forever.

How did civilization start off? Tribal warfare, religious warfare, genocide, oppression, and putting superstition above scientific research. These are things that are detrimental to the advancement of our species. These are things that harm most, and favor only a few. I started this paragraph asking how civilization started, but the things I listed continue to this very day. They probably always will. It is the worst of human nature. Actual, true conservatism is embracing these primitive behaviors. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a society of blacks and whites are the minority, where whites are oppressed. It doesn’t matter how you mix it up. Liberalism is wanting progress, in all aspects of life.

All we want as human beings, no matter who you are, is to survive and preserve the things we love. Whether that’s people, our traditions, our beliefs, or whatever else we value. A true liberal doesn’t seek to eradicate anything, except that which destroys the lives and safety and happiness of others. Human beings will always be different, and therefore progress will always be slow, because human beings have always been tribal, and irrational, and born ignorant of everything apart from natural instinct.

There will always be religious and non-religious people. There will always be racial diversity. There will always be a huge variety of things that make us all different from one another. We all have differences, even between people we consider to be ‘one of us’. We cannot make everyone and everything exactly as we want, so we must learn to simply get along and peacefully coexist. That is liberalism.

Tomi Lahren, Paul Joseph Watson, Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh, all of Fox News ….. They might be assholes most of the time, but from what I’ve seen, they’re still more liberal than conservative. The only truly conservative aspect about them is how tribal they are. But this also applies to many liberals, like Bill Maher and Michael Moore.

You see, we’re not so different after all.

Of course, these ‘conservatives’ are usually the ones who have no problem with depriving gays and atheists of certain rights, and that’s definitely conservative, and that’s generally why I stand against them. But if you’re, say, obese and you shame and try to silence people who prefer the company of skinny people (yes, that actually happens), then that is conservative behavior and that is dangerous to society.

I’m an atheist. A militant atheist. But if I were president, and I heard on the news that an atheist group is pushing to have the statue of a Biblical figure removed, I would oppose it, because that would not only be unfair, it would be oppressive to those who have faith. Atheists ought to use their time opposing religious bigotry that actually gets people killed, like Islamic terrorism. Groups like ISIL (or, ISIS… whatever you want to refer to them as) are a real threat to the stability of society. They need to be called what they are (Islamic extremists) and they need to be stopped. That’s liberalism. But if you have no problem with that movement, or say that we need to be ‘tolerant’ of Islam by not calling it out for the harm it does, then you cannot call yourself a liberal. I would be happy if the world had no religion in it, but I absolutely do not believe atheists should rise up and eradicate religion by force. I would oppose it if that were to start happening.

We need to coexist.

So, to people who call themselves conservative: stop being so tribal, and call out your own side for once.

And to people who call themselves liberal: stop being so tribal, and call out your own side for once.

Feminists, transpeople, vegans, Black Lives Matter… You need to stop trying to shove your agenda down everyone’s throat and learn to live peacefully with people who do not live as you do.

White supremacists, Christians, and Fox News, the same message applies to you as well.

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