Excerpt: The Atheist Pocket Book

“Misconceptions regarding atheism extend to every single aspect of it, from the reason behind it to the very definition of it. So, I feel it’s necessary to start things off by defining the word. ‘Atheist’ is merely a combination of the prefix a, which means without, and theist, which means believing in one or many gods. Atheists are very simply without belief in gods. That’s it.

One could technically claim that Buddhists are atheists since their religion does not entail belief in gods, so therefore, being atheist does not by definition mean you don’t believe in spirituality as a whole. This is the primary reason I dislike the word. We could have literally hundreds of thousands of words in the dictionary for things that people could not be. Why not apply the word ‘alycanthropic’ for people who are not werewolves? What would the word be for people who do not believe in Kthulu? The word atheist is a word saying what someone is not. It’s a negative. It doesn’t say anything about what they are. We are all born atheists, and by that I mean we are all born not believing in gods.

What I think is more accurate to say….”

Purchase The Atheist Pocket Book here.


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