Writing Is Just As Hard As Any Other Job

In my experience, it seems most people think that writing is too easy to qualify as ‘work.’ And that is unfortunate, because it seems the only way to prove how wrong these people are, is by having them become a writer themselves.

Writers, whether they are novelists or short story writers, or even just poets, have to abide by a whole list of basic rules. Everyone, including and especially non-writers, hold writers by these standards:

  1. It has to make coherent sense.
  2. It has to be grammatically correct.
  3. It has to be about something.
  4. And most importantly: It has to be interesting to someone.

Go up to your grandpa, whose only job for the past 40 years has been farming crops and animals, and ask him to write an interesting, gripping story, it only has to be 500 words long, and he has to sell that story for $100. Odds are, he can’t do it, because suddenly he’ll realize how many obligations there are to writing. He probably could pull it off, if he’s done writing before and has a love for it, but if none of his past experience has involved writing stories, poetry, articles, etc……

It’s like any other job. It’s hard work. And like any other job, anyone could do it if they learn and practice and have an inner desire to do it, but if they don’t know how, or don’t care to know how, they can’t do it.

There are additional things that make writing difficult. For one example, mental stress. Something I have noticed as a writer is how the brain can get burned out much more easily than the body. This is probably because human beings are built to stress their bodies, not their minds. The brain is meant to control the body, not to be used as the one that’s being overly-stressed.

As one more example, another thing that makes writing hard work is, well, what I’ve been talking about during this article. Non-writers. We as writers don’t get much support from people who don’t understand it. I’m thankful that I felt comfortable telling my fiance that I’m a writer before we were together, because she’s intelligent and understanding and is an artist herself, but I consider that to be rare. This is because to most non-writers, the hobby comes across as “I sit on my ass and just type words all day.”

Even if you’re a decent writer, the odds are against you, for every reason I’ve stated above. Most people just don’t find writing interesting. This is generally why the only writing that people swarm towards is things that pander to certain types of people. ‘Twilight,’ for example, is just teen girl fantasies being put to paper, and discards important things like logic, philosophy, and scientific understanding, because those things aren’t interesting to teen girls. The only way writers can be taken seriously, or make a living (in most cases) is by stooping low and resorting to just pandering. I know that chances are, this article I’m writing won’t get very many views, even if the person reading it agrees with me. Because even if I’m right about all this, most non-writers still won’t care. I’m not bitter, I’m just stating that having a love for writing can really suck most of the time.

But a love is a love, and I’ll write even if nobody ever reads my work.

If you’re a writer, chances are you have, like me, encountered people who think little of your hobby. Don’t let it get you down. If you explained it to them, they’d realize how difficult it is.

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