I Love Humanity

Politics is a touchy subject for most people. It doesn’t have to be so divisive, and yet it somehow is. But do people not realize that politics is the most important aspect of living in a civilized society? It’s where we get our laws, it’s what causes wars, it’s what regulates the things citizens need to survive. Yet, people think of the subject like some distant thing that has no effect on them.

Politics is the thing that decides if you’re going to prison or be executed simply for existing or not. Politics is the thing that forces water companies to make your water clean, even if it’s more profitable to let it remain dirty. It is NOT a subject the general population shouldn’t shy away from. Especially in democracies, where most people can vote once they’re old enough.

Trump might become president. I’m terrified of that. It’s not just because I hate his character (which is, being a sociopathic, racist, narcissistic, delusional idiot), it goes much deeper.

He says we should kill the relatives of terrorists, deport all illegal immigrants even if they’ve harmed nobody, ban all Muslims from entering the country and forcing the Muslims already here to be registered, he’s encouraged violence at his rallies and promised to protect those who are violent for him, and I could go on and on. I really could. He has dangerous ambitions, dangerous ideas for dealing with things, and he’s stupid and thin-skinned. Trump is the ONLY person I can think of who, if elected, would actually try to imprison people who speak against him. I’ve criticized George W. Bush, even while he was in power, but I never thought he was a lunatic, and I never thought he became president to bolster his ego. Bush was an idiot, and he badly damaged this country because of his stupidity, but I never for one second thought he was evil. I think Bush meant well, even if he was incompetent.


It’s too bad that Hitler has become a cliche in the past several decades. No one takes that name seriously anymore because it’s cliche. But how many people out there have looked into how this evil man came into power? How did a man kill millions and millions of people? He was elected. People from within and from outside the Nazi party helped put him in power. The details are much, much lengthier than this, but in a nutshell: he spoke about loving Germany with all his heart, and blamed certain groups of people for the state it was in at the time. He was a strong leader in the eyes of most.

But Hitler targeted people for Germany’s problems. It didn’t start out with the concentration camps and the ghettos. And he did it all in the name of God (yes, GOD), and for his love of Germany. He had dangerous ideas, and not enough people saw him for the lunatic he was until it was far too late to stop him.


Is Trump going to win because we’ve forgotten how Hitler attained power? Are we doomed to repeat history because it’s been 75 years since the end of WWII? Several generations have been born since then. Most people alive today, including Trump himself, were not even born until after that conflict, which by the way, was the most devastating conflict in all the existence of the human race.

I love humanity, and I do believe there is both good and bad in all people. Nobody is all good, nobody is all evil. Hitler loved animals, after all. But sometimes the bad far outweighs the good, and naivety from the general population allows these people to gain more power than anyone, literally anyone, should ever have. Look at the pictures I’ve been putting between the paragraphs. This is the end result of what I have seen beginning, and will undoubtedly escalate if Trump gains power. Human beings are capable of the most atrocious, heinous, despicable acts imaginable. There is literally nothing that our species can’t commit on a large scale, from gang raping children, to slaughtering babies. And we cannot forget this fact. We are capable of literally the most evil acts we can imagine. This is why we need to keep each other in check. What happens when we become negligent, complacent, and forgetful, is Donald Trump. He could win the presidency and become the most powerful man in the world, literally, and all because people didn’t do their research and/or decided to only listen to hearsay, and/or not even participate in the discussion at all.

Evil triumphs when good people do nothing. It is the ONLY way evil can triumph.

BU 3741

This is why I talk about politics. Politics is absolutely important. One slip and society can fall backwards and lose the ground it’s gained. Thousands of years we have been on this planet and we still haven’t figured out how to coexist with people who aren’t like us. Not all of us even want to coexist.

Hillary Clinton is a typical politician, but she’s no monster. Donald Trump is a monster, and I don’t say that lightly. He cannot win. Look at the person he is, and look at the things he has been actively saying and pushing for throughout his campaign. I’m not Muslim, I’m not an illegal immigrant, and I’m not related to any terrorists (that I know of), but I am still terrified for the safety of all these people, and hell, the thing I am terrified of involving myself is what Trump could do to his detractors.

Sounds ridiculous? Then look into people like Hitler, who truly did exist. Horrible people committing mass genocide is no fiction. It has happened, and it is always possible to happen once again. We cannot forget that. We must not put lunatics in power who want to specifically target any groups of people, or individuals the person doesn’t like.


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