The Solution to Gun Violence in America

This is easily the fault of Conservatives more than any other group, but I’m angry and frustrated with both sides of this issue. Conservatives will always say the solution to this country’s gun violence is more guns, while Liberals will always say we need to take away the guns. To the Conservatives I ask: If you were fighting a deadly epidemic, would your solution to saving lives be spreading the outbreak? To the Liberals I ask: How the hell do you think it’s even possible to get rid of all the guns?

Look, the solution is easy and simple:

The love and obsession with guns in this country needs to stop.

There is no good argument for fighting for ‘gun rights’. Weapons don’t need rights. They’re not people. I personally will never understand why anybody, literally anybody, would develop an affinity for guns in the first place. They’re mechanisms that shoot bits of metal really fast. What’s so fascinating about that? At least if a person loves playing with fire, that makes some sense, because fire can do impressive things and flames are pretty to look at.

I think the love for guns is derived from a need to feel powerful, particularly with men who are insecure about their masculinity. It’s the same reason some men go to foreign countries to shoot rare animals that can’t possibly defend themselves against a firearm. It’s part sadism and part compensation. If you are really so desperate to feel like a man, then take care of your family and only ever think about guns when someone is pointing a gun at your family. If you need to shoot something to feel manly, then go fight ISIS. For self-defense, having a gun makes perfect sense, but that in absolutely no way justifies going to gun shows, subscribing to gun magazines, or owning any kind of collection of guns.

It’s simple logic. I could go on and on explaining these easy-to-understand, logical, common-sense points I’ve made, but I will try to be brief in this article. Point is, it’s too easy in America to get your hands on a gun no matter how insane you are, and we encourage each other to love these weapons. I’m not saying that all gun-lovers are evil people who are all preparing to commit genocide, but what I am saying is gun-lovers are the enablers for these lunatics who do massacre innocent people.

Guns have one purpose. They were invented for one purpose. To kill things. Using a gun for anything other than to kill something is actually a misuse. It doesn’t matter that you can use guns for shooting bottles or clay pigeons. That’s not what they were made for, and you know it. And don’t you dare say that your love for guns is so you can shoot clay pigeons. If what I’m saying is making you angry, is it because I’m speaking against your love of shooting bottles? Yeah, I doubt it. Yes, it’s possible to kill people with heavy books and matches, but guess what? Books and matches were not invented for the sole purpose of killing things.

There’s no logical reason to love guns, it’s always, and I mean always, an emotional reason. Maybe you need to feel tough, or maybe (if you’re a man) you need to feel manly. Who knows. Just admit your obsession comes solely from a love for weapons, and nothing else.

America needs to make it mandatory to be trained in handling a firearm once someone reaches a certain age. That’s what I think would prevent all these massacres if one is currently taking place. Not everyone has to be a gun owner, but those who do own one or several must be well-trained in using them. Not in learning how to hit their target, but being disciplined in knowing when it’s necessary to use a firearm, and then how to aim it properly. But most importantly, the sheer love for these weapons in America needs to go away. It’s stupid, and it’s cancerous to peace. Would this completely prevent massacres from ever occurring again? Of course not. Lunatics and sadists will always exist. But we can make things better than they currently are.


This exact type of gun slaughtered 20 children only 6 to 7 years old in a single incident.


One thought on “The Solution to Gun Violence in America

  1. f1helpme

    Even as self-defense guns are useless for most people. During an emergency, our brain chemicals are going haywire. We are more likely to hurt an innocent bystander than to hit our target. Our motor skills become less defined and our critical thinking skils decline. A dangerous weapon is the last thin someone needs in this state of mind. Professionals go through a lot of training to counteract this and they often still make poor decisions when handling emergency situations. And more children die of gun related accidents in homes where guns are kept, and people shoot their loved ones because they mistake them for intruders. And that’s not even taking suicide into account. Outside of people who live in heavy wilderness, there is no need for any civilian to have a gun. But in reality, I don’t think this is a mindset that will ever change in America and a more effective stragey would involve trying to decrease accidents and gun related crime and restricting access to types of weapons (there is no legitimate use for an “assault” style weapon outside of law enforcement or military use) while heavily increasing penalties at the federal level for ANY crime where a gun is present, even misdemeanors and even if the gun was not used in the crime. I really believe that management is the only way forward because America will never fall out of love with guns, even if we should.

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