Feminism is Bigotry Masquerading as an Equal Rights Movement

Of course, I am referring to modern feminists, namely in first-world countries like the United States, Canada, and the UK.

Feminism has done a great number of things for women in the past. It has been a necessary movement for hundreds of years, but I think it’s safe to say the movement has outlived its usefulness in recent decades. But in recent years, it has fallen victim to people who don’t know what it means, claiming to be legitimate spokespeople for it. It has turned into a men-hating, anti-intellectual movement. In many places in the world, women have certainly been made to be inferior to men. Nations with sharia law, especially.

But in the present day, when first-world countries like America, Canada, and all of the UK have people claiming to be feminists, what feminism amounts to is an attempt to make women not equals, but superior. I say this, because women have already achieved equality in these countries.

When the famous Emma Watson gave a speech at the UN in 2014, the only time she brought up serious issues was when she mentioned young girls being forced to marry and African girls being widely able to receive secondary educations. Other than that, pretty much nothing she said was a serious issue at all. What the rest of the speech amounted to was statements about how people feel.

“I think it is right that, socially, I am afforded the same respect as men.”

“I think it is right that I should be able to make decisions about my own body.”

Both are statements I agree with, but the thing is, you already have those things, Emma. In this country, women have always been able to choose who has their body, and if they are raped, that’s always been illegal. Women are hugely increasingly becoming managers and supervisors, and yes, even CEOs. Most of the things feminists, including Watson, constantly to this day talk about are issues, but they’re not serious issues.

Time is wasted when feminists (and Emma Watson is by far not the only one) who suffer from nothing more than first-world problems go the UN to have the UN make life more cushy for them. How about places in the world where women get their clitoris cut off? Places in the world where women can’t show an inch of skin? How about in THIS country (America) where men are born with absolutely no choice as to whether their genitals get clipped at birth? Also, it’s not just wrong to focus on petty gender matters like ‘having the same respect as men’ even though you already have equal respect (if not more). It’s also wrong to focus solely on issues exclusive to gender at all. What about children? What about the impoverished? What about poor nations like Haiti where starvation is a serious concern that affects literally everyone regardless of gender? If equality is what truly matters to people claiming to be feminists, then they should consider themselves humanists and not obsess over the issues facing just women (and the issues they address are the least serious ones).

Here is the definition of the word ‘feminism’: “the doctrine advocating social, political, and allother rights of women equal to those of men”

Like I said, feminism is a good thing. But to pretend it focuses on the issues of both genders is simply a misleading ploy. Especially when you see what the movement has become in recent years. It’s transformed from a good, NECESSARY movement to a radical supremacist movement. It’s a toxic word now. That’s fact, not opinion on my part. We have people not just on Tumblr, Reddit, and Twitter running successful campaigns to silence anyone who speaks against the feminist movement, but we also are starting to have this behavior played out in universities.


“On media, on television interviews, on platforms, and political meetings, at any presentation, if there is no woman speaker then the event does not take place… Women get to speak first. In classroom discussions, in question periods and public events.” – Dalhousie University, 2015.

And now we have these things called ‘safe spaces’ in universities, where people can go to exclude anyone who has a different opinion. I could give example after example… All in all, I think it’s obvious that freedom of speech is now being stifled by people claiming to do it for the better good.

Feminists, there are real issues to be more concerned about, if real issues are what you really care about. There are governments that oppress women simply for being women, but the United States and Canada are not among them. One of the things that make modern democracies better is freedom of speech. You, feminists, are now beginning to sound like white supremacists before your time, and the Catholic church before their time. Namely, people who commit evil and/or suppress freedoms for personal gain and gratification while flying under the banner of a good name or a good movement. Hitler did this exact thing (and you can verify that if you want; look up Hitler’s association with God and the Church). Feminism is causing everyone in this country, including and especially liberals, to be divided as enemies. This is what happens when one side in any conflict becomes too extreme: the other side has to become equally as extreme just to bring things back to a ‘sane’ level. You are making things worse for everyone, and it’s all for the sake of … what? The right to silence men you don’t like? To silence all men everywhere? The right to be given, literally given, everything you want and not have to work hard for it? Please, those who call themselves feminists, please tell me what it is you are after. You already have equal rights and (arguably) greater privileges, so what are you after?

Tell me what rights men have that you don’t.

Because from what I’ve researched, if there’s one gender who gets the shorter end of the stick in most social situations, it’s men. Men lose custody battles more, they get imprisoned more, they commit suicide more, they make up the vast majority of the homeless population, etc. If a man gets beat up in a fight, people will say that’s too bad at best, whereas if a woman gets beat up by a man, everyone else attacks him and they push for the most severe criminal charges thinkable. It’s a fact, outright fact, that women are more physically abusive in relationships than men, and yet if a man gets physically abused in a relationship it’s literally laughed off. So please tell me what rights as well as what privileges men have that women do not.

Feminists, you are on the path to making it outright illegal for men to say or do anything you remotely don’t like.

Although I could speak all day about what I think is wrong and evil about what this movement has become, I will end it there. If you want me to say more, I will gladly do it. For now, I just want to conclude that in great nations, the people have equal rights. They are free to speak their minds, and no demographic is demonized simply for existing. Yes, there are evil fucks out there who beat their wives. There are men out there who only care about the sex they can get from women. I’ve personally known some scum like that. But they are absolutely not the majority. They are a tiny minority that you are depicting to represent all of us. Those who speak out against feminism are not anti-woman, they are anti-bigotry. Anti-feminists are humanists, because this movement is now infringing on the rights of human beings. Not just men, but also your own people – women – who also speak out against your radicalism. You’re becoming a radical movement masquerading as good, hiding under a banner of what was once actually a good movement. If you care about human rights, call yourselves humanists. Otherwise, admit what you’re really doing:

Seeking superiority.


One thought on “Feminism is Bigotry Masquerading as an Equal Rights Movement

  1. Glenda Herdman

    Zak there is still inequality in countries like US etc. Women are still paid less than men for the same work. Women are still passed over for promotion based on the fact that we might get pregnant. There is a certain small faction that use feminism as an excuse to push their anti men agenda but they are few and far between. Your own blog objectifies a woman purely based on her physical attractiveness. She also just happens to be an advocate for women. Get your facts straight my friend. I am a feminist but I am definitely not a man hater.



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