Loving the Wrong Person – Part 3: Ivanka Trump

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Finally, I am at the reason I wanted to write this three-part article. The thing that made me feel I need to talk about this subject is… Ivanka Trump. My message to my readers with these articles is simple – it is possible to love toxic people, and we need to recognize when we do it. Thus far, I’ve only talked about loving people who are toxic to the individual who loves them, but that is not the only instance in which this can be dangerous.

Which brings me to Ivanka Trump. Why am I bothering to talk about her? Because she’s not just beautiful, she’s intelligent, and at her core I do think she’s a good person. Granted, I don’t personally know her and I could be fooled by the character she plays in front of cameras. But from my perspective, she is intelligent, she’s not a bigot, she’s not violent nor an advocate for violence…. and yet she’s been endorsing her father, who is, undeniably, a bigot, a promoter of violence, and a narcissist who can’t ever admit when he’s wrong.

Everything I’m about to say in this paragraph I can, and very easily, verify with facts if anyone so desires them. But to keep this as short as possible, I will simply list everything. Donald Trump is a racist, he is prejudice, he bullies people to get what he wants from them (even to just shut them up), he is a narcissist, he is completely inconsiderate of most other people, he makes up whatever he wants regardless of the truth …, and worst of all, he’s not afraid to outright antagonize any foreign nation, or even his own!

The guy is unequivocally mentally sick. In my opinion, he’s inhuman.

Ivanka Trump can do better than backing this man. She doesn’t have to oppose him; she can simply sit this election out. She can love her father, but understand it’s a bad idea to help him achieve the greatest power in the world. I do not think she’s stupid, I think she is suffering from a very human problem which is being blinded by her love for family. I know this isn’t surprising to hear from someone who has no love for his biological parents. Both of my parents abandoned their children, and one of them is a murderer; and additionally, one of my brothers is a rapist and a pedophile. Yes, I am related to them and at one point I loved them, and it wouldn’t be wrong if I still loved them, but what I objectively, undeniably had to acknowledge at some point was that these family members of mine are fucked up people and should at least be treated with caution as such.

Ivanka, your father’s self-restraint is virtually nonexistent. Power is responsibility, and you ought to know that man won’t be responsible, he’ll be reckless and excessively aggressive, in all matters. And if there’s anything Bush and Obama have taught us, it’s that the president can actually get away with more than they should. Bush proved you can fool enough Americans long enough to get away with whatever you want to do, even if it means revoking rights and ignoring the Constitution. I’m SO fucking happy Bush was only an idiot, and that Obama was, at worst, just sneaky. Ivanka, your father is far worse than any past president ever was. He’s so callous that the whole Bush family actively opposes him, and Mitt Romney, and John McCain; all of whom either were in power or got the nomination to be. FIFTY REPUBLICAN National Security experts warned he must not be president and declared they would absolutely not vote for him.

I believe you when you say he was a good father to you. I really do. But Ivanka, understand that you are seeing this solely from that perspective. Not everyone is his daughter. You get special treatment. Understand that that does not make him a good person. Most people, good and bad, give special treatment to their spawns. That actually says very little about their overall character. Watch the footage of him mocking a disabled reporter, watch the footage of him encouraging his followers to be violent and that he’ll protect them if they become violent. Watch the footage of … oh, I don’t know … when he said he’s thought about FUCKING you.

To everyone, I’m not saying Ivanka should stop loving her father. I understand the need to love your family. Trust me, I really do. But one’s principles should be held in higher regard than their love for any individual – child, sibling, or parent. They should not allow that love to blind them to who the individual truly is.

Ivanka, your influence as his supporter is dangerous. You are sane, you are intelligent, and your support of this lunatic is painting him in a similar light, when it is absolutely undeserved. You’re appealing to a part of human nature that is both natural and understandable, but in this case you must see through it and hold your principles higher than familial bias. He was a good father to you, but he is not a healthy choice to run a country, let alone the strongest country on the planet. Your father was not dangerous as just a businessman, but I’m sorry to say that he very much is dangerous as the most powerful man in the world. That job is not for just anybody.

Here is a letter from Michael Moore to Ivanka Trump. I’m glad someone else has considered doing this as well. More people should.


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