Writing a Love Story

The sequel to Remnant, which will be called Resurrection, explores the past of the character Ethan. As expected by anyone who has read Remnant, it introduces the one he became lovers and a parent with.

I’ve never written a love story before, neither in my non-published writings nor in Remnant. Working on the love story in Resurrection has been a real treat for this reason. It is an unusual kind of relationship Ethan has, and it, obviously, is between two unusual people, as would be expected with Ethan.

As anyone who knows me knows, I’m a big sucker for the subject of love. I do believe love is the only thing truly worth living for. A true religion, if you will. Something that cannot be seen or measured, but it can be felt and it is real in our hearts, like religious faith.

Knowing personally what it’s like to be in love, writing about two people experiencing it for the first time is like reliving it myself all over again. In Remnant, with James and Candace, there is a scene where the two reconcile after many months of tension and emotional distance from one another. That was one of my favorite scenes to write in the entire book, because it depicts something I believe to be true, with all my heart: that no matter what, love can find a way. James had already known his wife’s secret; a secret that many readers told me made them despise Candace. Despite knowing what Candace had done, he continued to love her, and just moments before both their deaths, all was made well again. I think, to James it was worth patiently waiting for Candace to come clean, even if to just have five last minutes of feeling what it’s like to be in love again. With Ethan and his lover in Resurrection, you get to see the opposite of what you saw with James and Candace. You see the beginning of the relationship, not the end. But trust me, the beginning of this relationship is equally as tumultuous as the end of James and Candace’s.

This is one of the reasons the experience of writing Resurrection has been more exciting than it was to write its predecessor. Where Remnant was a story about survival and ruin, Resurrection is about rising above events that nearly killed the characters. Some have told me they thought Ethan and Mercy were going to get together in Remnant, to which I usually responded by saying there wouldn’t have even been time for that. In this second entry of the series, I can depict more things to do with these important characters than merely their dire circumstances. I can explore their humanity. I can show my readers what makes these characters exactly who they are, and why.

In a way, Resurrection is a story about the healing power of love, in all the forms it comes in. I am excited to share the story with the world this year.


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